Fragment 12 Insight (Revisited)

It was a gamble back then, but it was one I was glad I took anyway. I remain very vigilant on what I do with my OCs and what role they play. First and foremost, they remain in supportive roles unless it’s their own fragment. I don’t want any of them to be extremely prominent because, honestly, they don’t need to be. The servants will always remain the focal points, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some others helping to flesh them out in new ways.

Not everyone needs to be a master or big shot. There’s a lot of staff caught in the crossfire too.

That’s why I thought it’d be fitting to have something from their point of view. A normal staff member who has adapted to this crazy new life and is just trying to get by. It also includes a bunch of rather mundane tension and problem-solving that seems rather out-of-place in a fight to save the world. That was my point. This whole ordeal had become so ‘stable’ that many learned to deal with the tension and live how they pleased.

So that brought a new OC into the forefront for their introduction: Anton. When all is said and done, he’s a specialist with a very niche capability and barely any influence compared to most others. He’s a pushover for the most part. At most, he has two servants he can call companions. Again, it helps normalize some servants and the situation while also portraying what it’s like for nearly all regular staff.

Despite his rather domestic problems, he gets through it with the help of friends. It’s a very slice-of-life sort of deal with the first glints of the introspection and insight the rest of the series has become known for. There was honestly almost nothing changed about this fragment because it was so close to the current standard (save for grammar and description brevity).

It was also the first fragment with obvious intentions for romance. Initially, I was actually going to ignore that genre completely. I know, right? Hilarious considering what the series has flourished with. However, despite the problems that may occur if I shipped someone with an OC, I thought it’d be a nice touch to give some servants the happiness they were looking for. In this case, it was a ray of light for Frankenstein from a previously rocky foundation. Again, something I was glad I dared to do.

Overall, this fragment remains one of my pride points… which is hilarious considering the fragment that followed it.

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