Sergei Romanov

Captain of the Vigil’s Vanguard Platoon

Debut: Supplement IV Equilibrium
Affiliation: Task Force Vigilance
Education: REDACTED
Rank: Captain

Heritage: Russian
Age: 31
Height: 243cm 
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Ice Blue

Likes: Martial Arts, Dancing, Comradery
Dislikes: Disorder, Traitors
Fears: Unknown
Favorite Color: Green

Key Personality Traits: Motivational, Dependable, Friendly
Specialty: Inspiring Leadership
Hobbies: Wrestling, Boxing

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10
Bond 9Artesia
Bond 8Edison, Anastasia
Bond 7Leonidas, Quetzalcoatl
Bond 6Iskandar, Caesar, Beowulf
OCsSkyler, Delaqua, Omar

Sergei is a towering behemoth of a soldier that many find completely intimidating at first sight, but he has a heart that can warm a Russian winter. He’s very friendly and jovial to his comrades, and does what he can to ensure the unit’s wellbeing. He’s known to be extremely ruthless and unforgiving towards traitors and his enemies alike.

Like the rest of Vanguard, he’s currently stationed in Chaldea where he helps Skyler ensure the soldiers aren’t causing the residents any trouble. He also acts as one of the official UN adviser for Chaldea’s leyshift operations, making sure they don’t do anything against their mission or a strict code of ethics.

Other information about him is currently unknown. His soldiers respect him too much to reveal something he wouldn’t. It’s not classified, but he changes topic when asked.

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