Gudao Fujimaru

The 48th Chaldean Master

Nicknames: Gudork

Debut Fragment: Prologue
Previous Affiliation: Chaldean Master on Arrival
Education: High School Diploma, One year at the Mage’s Association
Languages: English, German (Basic), Japanese (Fair)

Heritage: German-Japanese, Raised in the United States
Birthday: February 11th, 1995, Born in Japan
Age at the beginning of Series: 19
Height: 174cm 
Hair: Black
Eyes: Crystal Blue

Mage Heritage: 2nd Generation, Land Molder Magecraft
Magic Circuits: 14, Passable Quality
Element: Earth
Origin: Dedication
Notable Magecraft Capabilities: Earth Manipulation, Basic Wind Spells

Likes: Flying, Happy Moments, Celebrations
Dislikes: Dark beer, Work Overload, Disharmony
Fears: Failure
Favorite Color: Green

Key Personality Traits: Negotiator/Mediator, Lenient, Accommodating, Patient
Specialties: Diplomacy, Strategy
Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Hiking

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10Mashu, Gilgamesh
Bond 9Enkidu, Ereshkigal
Bond 8Lancelot, Arturia
Bond 7Mordred, Bedivere, Ishtar
Bond 6Gawain, Da Vinci, Tristan
OCsGabrielle, Tyler, Anishka, Skyler

Gudao moved to Florida at an early age and became quick friends with the neighbor, Gabrielle Rutherford. Though their parents were initial worried and distrusting of the other family, their bond connected the two families in a strong, everlasting alliance. Their parents would even joke they’ve become one family, and that their kids are destined to marry each other someday.

Gudao grew up introverted and constantly bullied, but Gabrielle helped him improve. He became one of the popular kids in High School, where he understood what it was like to be left out and bullied. His social skills were sharpened, and he was famed for his silver tongue that could diffuse tense standoffs and broker unexpected bridges between people. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do for a living, so he wound up following Gabrielle to London to improve his Magecraft while he considered his options.

His Magus family lineage is new, yet holds some promise. Though his mother’s Magecraft lineage is fresh, Gudao father comes from a long-standing tradition of US Military service that stretches back decades before the American Revolutionary War of 1776. If he couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do, it was likely his father would try to convince him to enlist or join a campus’ Reserve Officers Training Corps Program.

He wound up getting accepted as the 48th Chaldean Master instead. He is now well known for his negotiation skills, and his attempts to try and spend quality time with all servants regardless of their disposition to him. He’s the most universally respected master in Chaldea because of it. Servants generally have no issue with him except for the fact he’s too permissible and lenient for his own good. In his attempt not to be invasive or overbearing, he also tries not to get too involved with personal affairs between servants unless it becomes a serious issue.

It is well known that Gudao, despite his element of Earth, has an avid appreciation of flight which he adopted from his father. Any strategy he comes up with will inevitably pivot on the reliance of air support in some way. Regardless, all his plans are founded on the overall safety of the servants, and he’s less willing to take risks if it puts anyone in serious danger. That won’t stop him from measuring the cost and gain of smaller risks though.

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