Montgomery Pritchard

Commander of Task Force Vigilance

Debut: Supplement IV Equilibrum
Affiliation: Task Force Vigilance
Education: Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Rank: Brigadier General

Heritage: British, Born and Raised.
Age: 57
Height: 190cm 
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Crystal Blue

Special Status: Vigil Commander & Master
Servant: Caster – Thomas Edison

Likes: Gambling, Order
Dislikes: Politics, Conspiracy Theories
Fears: Total War, Feral Dogs
Favorite Color: Blue

Key Personality Traits: Risk-Taker, Calm under Pressure, Gentleman
Specialty: Long-term Planning/Strategy
Hobbies: Gambling, Traditional Card Games, Chess

Pritchard is a former decorated British Brigadier with experience from multiple conflicts, including, but not limited to, Kosovo, Desert Fox, and the Iraq War. Those under his leadership were inspired by his stark control during critical situations. He was also very well known for taking well-calculated risks due to his belief in his men and his insistence on excessively detailed reconnaissance for planning. These attributes were the primary reason he was chosen as the Commander for Task Force Vigilance.

After receiving the reins from his predecessor, Pritchard worked tirelessly to try and make the Vigil a powerful force of deterrence for the United Nations. It was only when Marisbilly, who felt their organizations may benefit from each other, offered aid that things began to turn around. Upon the surprise reception of command seals and subsequent summoning of Edison, he was finally able to achieve what he desired. There are growing rumors Pritchard’s commitment to his task of peacekeeping has placed him under consideration for Knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II.

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