Tyler Fields

The Laid-back Engineer,
and Unofficial Arcade Manager

Debut Fragment: 8
Affiliation: Engineering Division
Education: Currently Unstated Bachelor’s Degree

Heritage: Brazilian-Kenyan, Raised in United States
Age: 25
Height: 180cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Likes: Video Games, Dancing
Dislikes: Heavy Workloads, Wasps
Fears: Spiders, Needles, Sharks
Favorite Color: Blue  

Key Personality Traits: Laidback, Friendly
Specialty: Hardware Technician
Hobbies: Competitive Gaming, Streaming, Model Kits, Capoeira

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10Serenity
Bond 9Kintoki, Frankenstein, Lord El-Melloi II
Bond 8Iskandar, Cu, Tomoe, Da Vinci, Angra Mainyu
Bond 7Shuten, Mordred, Hundred Face, Yedda, Cursed Arm
Bond 6Blackbeard, Mephistopheles
OCsAnton, Rena, Gudao, Gabrielle

Tyler is the most laidback employee in Chaldea, and everyone knows it. His consideration and openness for anyone often wins him new friends easily. He’s more than happy to help out where he can, especially when it involves his friends like his coworker Anton. When he’s not working, he’s almost always found playing video games.

He earned a friendly rivalry with Lord El-Melloi II. Their gaming group slowly grew to expand more servants with the help of Tyler’s welcoming and friendly personality. Even after being placed under Da Vinci’s direct supervision with Anton, not much has changed. He remains a stable anchor that allows several servants to wind down when talking to him.

During the final confrontation with Goetia, Tyler lose his leg in an attack by Lev. He survived the conflict and was given a prosthetic designed by Da Vinci, and his bright attitude didn’t break. The ordeal finally pushed him and Serenity closer together. Content with life, he still has the same engineering job, but has also become the unofficial manager of the Arcade.

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