Anton Schneller

Former Computer Engineer,
Now Leyshift Division Supervisor

Debut Fragment: 12
Affiliation: Science Division
Education: Masters Degree, Top Honors. Computer Engineering Major, Minor Robotics

Heritage: German-Canadian, Raised in Australia
Age: 22
Height: 177cm
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Emerald

Likes: Learning/Education, Museums
Dislikes: Confrontation, Bullying, Politics, His Parents
Fears: Death, Physical Pain
Favorite Color: Light Blue

Key Personality Traits: Timid, Intelligent
Specialty: Software & Coding Genius/Prodigy
Hobbies: Brain Games, Watching Documentaries

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants)

Bond 10Frankenstein
Bond 9Medusa
Bond 8Da Vinci, Serenity
Bond 7Astolfo, Mordred, Jekyll
Bond 6David, Lord El-Melloi II
OCsTyler, Rena

Originally one of the most reclusive employees in Chaldea, Anton’s primary pursuit was understanding. As a sheltered child with a parent-forced career path and a bionic replacement leg, he had a tendency to be very socially awkward and an outcast. This hardly changed through his schooling, and eventual run-away status. As an employee in Chaldea that survived Fuyuki, he was considered a strange case, though he was a genius. 

He made very few friends, but his first few outside of Tyler were by accident. His thirst for understanding and hobby of quietly reading introduced him to one of his closest friends, Frankenstein, who would later become his significant other. With their help, he grew more confident and socially capable to become a respected employee among the Chaldea Staff. His tendency to stutter still remains when nervous, but when he’s not working, he’s trying hard to build himself a regular life and find new hobbies.

During the final confrontation with Goetia, he used his computer expertise to try and save his fellow employees, which was largely successful. Though he played off his heroics, it helped earn him his new position as the Leyshift Supervisor to assist with deployment operations. Thanks to his fiance’s Mad Enhancement adjustment, he’s looked after by her in the control room as one of the dedicated guards.

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