Chapter 13 Insight

I purposefully didn’t name all the servants present in the final battle. Another one of my pet peeves is seeing a large list of names stacked together. I listed the remaining servants because there were only so few remaining, but the fleet was another story. I’ll just leave it up to your reasonable interpretation of who would with the fleet and who was helping defend Uruk. Reasonable, as in decisions like: Spartacus would not be with the fleet for obvious reason.

Most of the canon stuff happens, but does so a touch differently. I’ve left enough of a gap for you to imagine Benkei & Ushiwakamaru’s whole dialogue sequence, but I didn’t want to type all of that out. It will be addressed in a later fragment, of course. I also made Ana’s segment different. Quetz still does her stuff, but there’s no suspense until the end on if she survived; This Gudao wouldn’t just abandon a falling comrade.

I gave Tiamat’s long ranged ability more showcasing. I found it a fairly threatening ability she could use when she didn’t want to excerpt extra effort (like chasing). It served well for actually killing King Gil, contrary to the story that had him alive as they fell.

The only real hard part with writing this was justification of why Tiamat wasn’t just blasting everyone to death and moving on her way. Thankfully, she’s large and cumbersome, so her energy would likely be expended on a rapid rate to do anything. Thus, between birthing children, swatting at the fleet, and other stuff, she can’t just outright disintegrate everyone.

Most of this was action, but the real important sequence that needed to be nailed was the Kingu scene. Gilgamesh was definitely going to try and interact with him, whether through a fight or dialogue. Thus, I made a dialogue segment that put the final closure on their singularity-long struggle. Now Gilgamesh has the cord and a final resolve to delete Tiamat.S

Four soundtracks this chapter! I felt this was great for Scene I-VI

Scenes VII and VIII needed something a touch more dramatic.

Scene X’s felt a touch more ominous and “last stand” like. This one starts at the latter half of Scene IX because of its slow opening. I felt this had a great feeling of defiance for King Gil’s last stand.

This plays for Kingu’s farewell scene once Gilgamesh and him begin talking. You’ll know exactly what parts happen where.

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