Chapter 14 Insight

All chapter titles are now added!

Despite the occasional slow parts, I feel I captured the mood of the final battle quite well. I added the referential time stamps during the final scenes to give a reference this wasn’t just all at once and a quick finish; I just didn’t want to write repetitive “Gilgamesh throws ____ at ____” paragraphs and so forth. This allowed me condense the fairly long entry and only note the interesting and creative bits.

I buffed Ereshkigal’s army. It was left fairly vague exactly how it operated, so I took some creative liberties to make the Garula spirits worthy adversaries. I also crafted Ereshkigal’s attacks from a basic setup, so when she is finally released in the gacha I can modify it easily enough.

King Gil makes one final appearance, but does something very different from what canon has shown. Why? As he stated himself, it’s fairly obvious. Why does he feel the need to steal his own thunder when he’s certain his counterpart will finish the job? It’s also Gilgamesh’s story, rather than his counterpart, so him dealing the final blow is the final seal on his development during the singularity. His own version of the final speech is the depiction of that very idea.

On the other hand, the hard part was ensuring King Hassan and Merlin got their own little debuts without stealing too much of the show. I think that came out fairly solid, and I even slipped in a glimpse of Void Shiki doing her thing just to add a little instant-death variation.

Ishtar, Ozymandias, and Iskandar also do a fair amount of work to help setup the final strike. I thought it’d fit best to have Gilgamesh standing there channeling, almost like a reference to everyone working for the king… but not quite. He’s pulling his own weight and carefully calculating what must be done.

There’s a few dialogue references crammed into this chapter if you know where to look. Those who are avid followers of the Fate/ series and my work should be able to snag all of them. As small, free handouts, two of them had to do with this supplement.S

Scene V’s inspiring music.

From Scenes VI to part of VIII? There was a bunch that fit it, but there was only one real correct choice here. I would like to hear this on a higher quality remake someday. It just doesn’t sound “crisp” to me.

This music helped inspire the setup and final strike though.

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