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Theme Song and Closing Words

Fragments Supplement IV: Who We Are  The song really hit home with its design. It’s powerful. It’s a very, very powerful piece just by itself, but it feels right when coupled with the story. When I heard it a while ago writing Redemption from… Continue Reading “Theme Song and Closing Words”

Epilogue Insight

Crafting this ending was a little difficult because it’s supposed to tie into the beginning of the next supplement. At the same time, I still wanted to be uplifting, but it wasn’t going to resemble the game’s ending. Not yet. That beautiful moment was… Continue Reading “Epilogue Insight”

Chapter 7 Insight

And so it all comes to an end. The final battle against Beast Goetia was depicted in canon in two ways. There was the fight with your summoned servants, but there was also the fist/shield fight Guda had. That opened up a lot of… Continue Reading “Chapter 7 Insight”

Chapter 6 Insight

It was coming. Everyone knew it was coming, which is why depicting it was going to be the hard part. I wanted it to feel right. The game was limited by dialogue, so I had some extra leeway in terms of introspection and internal… Continue Reading “Chapter 6 Insight”

Chapter 5 Insight

All of you should be pretty aware of how Redemption from Sin handled a lot of canon scenes that are roughly “intact.” As a quick reminder, RFS was to Babylonia Singularity as Wicked was to Wizard of Oz. You could understand and piece together… Continue Reading “Chapter 5 Insight”

Chapter 4 Insight

The real focus of the chapter is obviously on Roman though. It’s his final motivations for doing what he needs to. So I decided to end the whole ship teasing with Da Vinci thing with the obvious reveal. They weren’t actually in a secret… Continue Reading “Chapter 4 Insight”

Chapter 3 Insight

I knew long, long before I started this that I wanted Chaldea itself to play a crucial role in the final battle. It wasn’t enough for me that Chaldea came under attack in the canon storyline: I wanted them to have a piece of… Continue Reading “Chapter 3 Insight”

Chapter 2 Insight

First off, let’s be honest. If there was anyone who can get away with pulling bullshit maneuvers at the drop of a hat, it’s Merlin. I just didn’t let him get away with it for free because then that would have really been bullshit.… Continue Reading “Chapter 2 Insight”

Chapter 1 Insight

I think the hardest part about making this chapter was just making sure it was obvious Lev and Goetia were talking at the same time. I tried to make it clear with cues, and then added a few extra links at SKYS’ recommendation. Hopefully… Continue Reading “Chapter 1 Insight”

Prologue Insight

Minor Error: Original entry had Tamamo listed twice by mistake during a reorganizing flub. #16 is Shuten. The mistake has been fixed. So, for all the JP players out there, I’m sure the alarm bells were ringing pretty thoroughly. If they weren’t, they should have… Continue Reading “Prologue Insight”