Chapter 10 Insight

One thing people would want to see besides Enkidu and Gilgamesh properly reuniting? The two fighting. Too bad it’s Kingu though. It did give me leeway for some interesting changes and adaptations though. One would be his lack of the Presence Detection A+ and some other skills. Technically its manipulation, but I can take some creative liberty where I please at times. Make things more interesting and so forth.

I also did it when Gilgamesh closes in to actually do a close quarters sequence. Usually he would be at a disadvantage, but sometimes it’s fun to play with symbolic meanings. Take Heracles breaking free of Enkidu during the UBW Route to make one final attempt at Gilgamesh, but still fails. That’s not supposed to be possible, but it happened as a literary moment to show he’s overcome a serious obstacle to try and achieve something. In this case, it’s Gilgamesh overcoming his lack of skill in his determination to defeat the imposter (and thus, obtain the cord).

Also, Easter Egg. I’m sure you’ve noticed the uncanny resemblance in the last strike of their duel. As a fun fact, the shield was carefully chosen too, albiet Gilgamesh’s “goldified” version since it’s the original. For those questioning if he’d dare copy that, there’s three points to consider. (1) He has the genuine original, so if a faker could do it with a copy, his pride believes he could do it better. (2) He’s determined to grab that cord, and this is not an enemy to let pride get in the way of that. (3) No one else is looking except maybe Ishtar, but she wouldn’t recognize it.

Bonus (4) In the heat of battle, who knows if he even planned it?

As a small note, the number of monsters is getting pretty ridiculous to try and write. It’s mostly not my numbers though, it’s Nasu’s. The only numbers I bended were the pterosaurs, but that was because there was no number stated to begin with. 100,000 monsters in the second generation though? Sometimes the spectacle creep makes me scratch my head.

But that’s enough harping about numbers. I’ll make it all work when the time comes.

Not much showtime for the actual Tiamat fight, but that was covered heavily in Babylonia. Again, with Medusa’s Fragment being number 48, you can be sure I’ll get back to it. Gotta keep the focus on Gilgamesh, especially with the epic One-on-One duel. Thus, the only others who really get prime showcase are Ishtar and Iskander, who are intercepting monsters trying to interfere. What great wingmen.

You’ll notice the humor dropped significantly since the start. Yup. It’s finally time to throw the tragedy levers. Also, as a side note, if I get too descriptive and gory, please tell me. I’ll either tone it down a bit or bump the rating to M to solve that. The next part of Babylonia was pretty gruesome, and I don’t intend to skimp on that either.

There’s only one soundtrack for this piece, but this week I decided to do an example breakdown of how I visualize it.

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