Chapter 9 Insight

Segment VI was a difficult scene to write. The reason is, the canon decisions both don’t actually fit what Gudao would say. He’d have his own unique answer based off of those two combined. Going off that, I wrote the scene as he would answer, and how the jaded Ereshkigal would likely reply. The amount of times I’ve revised this scene is ridiculous, and there was even a last-minute revision to fix an unintended inference from Gudao. You can thank my proofreader SKYS for saving Segment VI by helping me figure out its last, lingering issues.

Everything else turned out fine, honestly. Even the Ozymandias scene flowed smoothly and straight onto the document without any hassle. Yes, the grammar error when he mentions “I and Moses” was also intentional. Closest friend or not, he would definitely place himself first.

Having Ozymandias and Gilgamesh actually talk about their similarities with friends was bound to happen. They’re often depicted and shown as rivals or friends, so this would definitely be one of the key components to that. There are differences, but working with that was simple enough.

I took a spin with certain pseudo-servants still be recognized as “living” by the Chaldea system. To be fair, they did come to Chaldea by very different means, so I felt the stretch was fair.

As shown in the last two scenes, I changed the locations and circumstances involving Ana receiving the wreath. In this one, it’s her whole family getting them and it’s at the palace party. Combining the Embassy party and King Gil’s welcoming party was one of the time savers when condensing parts of the storyline.S

The first was chosen for III, but it can also be played for II.

The second one plays for VIII, but it can work partially for VII as well.

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