Prologue Insight

Minor Error: Original entry had Tamamo listed twice by mistake during a reorganizing flub. #16 is Shuten. The mistake has been fixed.

So, for all the JP players out there, I’m sure the alarm bells were ringing pretty thoroughly. If they weren’t, they should have by the time Solomon made his appearance… or should have. As stated in the preface, this isn’t going exactly like the canon story like RFS did. It’s more akin to TGL’s “dealing with the butterfly effect”, and you’re all in for a new ride that still sticks close to canon.

Most of you know I hate making exact rehashes, so it’s only to be expected.

So, we’ll go into the first interesting thing to note: The point of view for the prologue is from various people again, but mainly the Masters and Roman. The original canon storyline had a lot of philosophy on the value of human nature, so I figured what better way than showcasing the regular humans narration this time around. It’ll switch between more as the time comes, but for the most part, this is a supplement that focuses on the “humans”.

Obviously, the servants will still get showcased. Obviously. Don’t worry about that. They’ll get their just desserts.

There’s really almost nothing to say since this is just the prologue, so I’ll just leave it at that for now. The entry spoke for itself, and should have hopefully set the mood for the rollercoaster to come.

I’ll also include a map of the singularity for reference since it’s not exactly easy access anymore. Bonus points for showing the mat drops for nostalgia!


As tradition, I choose unofficial soundtracks for my supplement entries. These are chosen based on what “roughly fits” when I wound up writing the supplement’s chapter. It might not fit perfectly, but they were never tailor-made to begin with, so that’s to be expected.

However, this entry I’m keeping it official and ominous. These should put the proper vibes into you. First for mostly dialogue scenes. The latter is for the smattering of action, though mainly the short air-invasion scenes.

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