Chapter 1 Insight

I think the hardest part about making this chapter was just making sure it was obvious Lev and Goetia were talking at the same time. I tried to make it clear with cues, and then added a few extra links at SKYS’ recommendation. Hopefully it did the trick.

In case any of you were wondering why the final team seemed to be a magnet of occasional errors and discrepancies… well, now you know: Goetia was going to press the reset button anyway, so whoever was on the team was easily interchangeable save for a few key servants that played a big role. I thought it was pretty obviously foreshadowed something bad was going to happen anyway. I practically dropped anvils with the prologue’s lingering paranoia.

The only differences were what attacks would be displayed to showcase Goetia’s special ability I’m sure every FGO JP player remembers. As a small and fun note, part of the reason Jalter was present is as a notable member of the “Buster Meta” in-game wise. It’s a small reference, and may even make it a tad bit humorous that it cast her, Merlin, and Waver aside as if to say, “No. We know what you’re planning here. Stop that.”

That said, I obviously left you with one hell of a cliffhanger. Goetia wasn’t kidding when it said they’re taking them seriously. While the canon final singularity showed it’s partially letting its anger and disbelief get to him, I decided to do it differently. This one is calm, and it’s doing things accordingly without leaving room for doubt. It wants Chaldea removed as a threat to its plans, but it wants to do it a specific way. Thus, it placed Chaldea into one hell of a corner.

I’ve provided more than enough information for everyone to mull over while I’m away. Any veteran of the Fate series will be able to decipher everything correctly, even with the thoroughness of Goetia’s overall trap. Even if it may be fairly predictable for some, I can still assure it’s going to be a fun, short ride though this singularity.

Some may remember it from when it was used for Gilgamesh vs. Enkidu in RFS.

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