Chapter 12 Insight

Tiamat did get the grail; That was inferred by the lahmus that were absorbed.

I tried to make Tiamat feel like a final level’s boss she was showcased to be. I’ll showcase more next chapter, but I wanted her to feel gigantic, imposing, and terror-inducing. What better way than the feeling of being in her presence. The shockwaves from her footsteps were also canon, but I went a little further to actually show it being felt (instead of just stated by Quetz).

For those unaware, Gilgamesh has unbelievable amounts of “bullshit” stored in his Gate of Babylon. Nasu really wasn’t kidding when that thing could store every conceivable, original treasure. One was showcased this chapter, though it was only ever inferred he had it since the archer never used it in a show. If you’re wondering what he fired at Tiamat, it was an ancient nuclear weapon Vimanas were originally armed with.

Yes. Gudao quoted a meme’d song lyric. That’s why Gabrielle looked at him incredulously.

The entire talking sequence was a rough conglomeration of their discussions with the king, but I didn’t condense everything. I’ve left plenty of “not-detailed” space to fit the other scenes, like the talk with Quetz or Inanna. There’s even mention King Gil had a final conversation with the masters before their takeoff. Due to that, I had to fill it with something, but I decided against more repetitive action. Instead I made a psychological warfare session.

The Chaos Tide shouldn’t be touched and Gudao loves air superiority. What better answer then for Drake and Blackbeard’s combined fleet to appear again? Add in a bunch more flyers, an escorting swarm of pterosaurs, and you have one hell of an interesting sight to behold. The question is, why are they doing a full frontal attack when that’s not advised? Tune in next time to find out…

…even though you probably already know the outcome anyway. I assume most of you have read Babylonia summaries.

Soundtrack Disclaimer: The music doesn’t fit 100% all the time since it can’t be customized. When I pick music for a chapter or scene, it’s because it was the most inspiring piece played when writing. While it may work for me and what I visualize, it might not work for you. Feel free to give it a try.

Time to bring out the Dark Souls music. This one plays for Scene IV, when they realize the attack failed. I felt it captured the gravity of seeing the enormous Tiamat for the first time.

The second is when the fleet leaves for the front in Scene XII. It captures the renewing of spirits and morale, plus seeing the fleet in its (new and improved) full glory.

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