Chapter 4 Insight

The real focus of the chapter is obviously on Roman though. It’s his final motivations for doing what he needs to. So I decided to end the whole ship teasing with Da Vinci thing with the obvious reveal. They weren’t actually in a secret relationship, and that’s one of Roman’s last regrets. Instead, he does get one kiss to soothe the regret, even if it builds a thousand more. Gotta twist the knife a bit, right?

Then there’s David. The whole “he didn’t know” thing would have been a good angle, but David’s interlude inferred he did know. So instead, I went with that, and made it remove another of Roman’s final regrets. The scene probably didn’t go the way people thought, but that’s fine. Just remember, David apparently still doesn’t know what his third noble phantasm does. No one else does for that matter anyway besides Da Vinci. Gotta twist the knife more, right?

So, with both those out of the way, his only remaining obstacles are now physical, and that’s being taken care of now. Canon storyline had it that the bonds of friendship were inferred to be part of the reason all those servants came to assist in their time of need. I just added a little bit more ‘possibility’ with Merlin lending a hand or two indirectly so it had a little firmer footing. It’s still pretty much what happened in canon, just at a different point in time and Jeanne’s monologue got cut short a bit.

Otherwise, a rare setup chapter with little action just so we transition to more of the good bits. In particular, some splices of the canon suppression to enjoy.

There’s two tracks to pick from. Either work for the ending, but I personally prefer the second.

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