Chapter 6 Insight

It was coming. Everyone knew it was coming, which is why depicting it was going to be the hard part. I wanted it to feel right. The game was limited by dialogue, so I had some extra leeway in terms of introspection and internal thoughts/feelings. So while keeping it intact with the game to an extent, I wanted it to carry far more emotion as a sacrifice. Working that out was actually rather simple, and I did it with the one little tag line that used the Series’ core entry as the trigger.

As his body faded, he was satisfied with the decisions and experiences he’d been gifted… those countless, precious fragments of Chaldea he’d been allowed to witness.

It was just part of the whole journey, but I hope that line ignited the entire meaning. Though some entered the series with this supplement (which still boggles my mind considering the blatant warning at the beginning), the vast majority of you should have been impacted to different extents. It’s a callback to the entire franchise up to this point.

Everything you’ve witnessed were just pieces (literal fragments) of everything that could have gone on in Chaldea. If you saw so many nice moments, how many did Roman get to see for himself? You’ve read pieces of what he’s experienced for himself, and the mind can then wander to fathom how much deep his appreciation for everything goes. While the scene itself is emotional, tragic, yet uplifting, I wanted to ensure it had that much deeper meaning to the most faithful readers.

I just wanted his goodbye to be a little more memorable, familiar to canon, yet personal for the Series. Hopefully it worked well. The monologue for “a story of love and hope” also got extended quite a bit, but there’s a reason for that. I also wanted it to carry heavy meaning.

Otherwise, the final chess pieces are now in place for the big showdown. The full effects of Roman’s sacrifice will be in full effect next chapter, and the final pieces are now in place. Gudao’s been through a lot, and is on borderline hysteria. Frustrations and grudges are running rampant among the servants. Everything will be settled with one final confrontation to save humanity.

Heartfelt soundtrack: Something simple that can be interpreted in different ways. Played for the last scene.

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