Chapter 5 Insight

All of you should be pretty aware of how Redemption from Sin handled a lot of canon scenes that are roughly “intact.” As a quick reminder, RFS was to Babylonia Singularity as Wicked was to Wizard of Oz. You could understand and piece together the story by just watching Wicked, but if you’ve seen the Wizard of Oz, you know exactly what scenes were omitted. As a reminder, I do that because I need to keep the stories concise to their points without straying too far from their core.

As nice as it would have looked, it would have essentially been distractions/filler.

That said, I did offer a sampler platter while simultaneously showing a progression with each scene. They all manage to rescue the incapacitated Chaldean servants, and then open up with their full might, and rough teamwork/coordination, to suppress the pillars for the main Chaldean force. It’s a show of teamwork forced by dire circumstances, but there’s even some comedy mixed in. I even threw in a few nods here and there for some ‘fan service’ type stuff without feeling it went too far away from the point.

Then, we arrived at the first “gut punch” of the singularity. Since I stick close to canon, it was bound to happen. I just simply raised the stakes so it wasn’t just Gudao Mashu was shielding, but everyone in the Chaldean fleet too. Goetia was going to wipe all of them out in one go, which was essentially check on the chessboard. The castle just happened to move in the way to buy precious time, and I hope I portrayed the swirling emotions Mashu felt in those final moments of hers.

As one final pointer to give all of you some speculation fuel (partly as apology I have to go back to regular update schedule for a week), I will offer a very vague hint: There’s something similar about which point of views that have been shown within the singularity.

It was hard to pick one since this entire section held such a variety of emotion. Just went with a generalized but fitting battle theme that played while I was writing it.

I felt this one captured the final scene very well. It was used before in RFS, but it’s quite the nice dramatic & emotional piece.

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