Chapter 7 Insight

And so it all comes to an end. The final battle against Beast Goetia was depicted in canon in two ways. There was the fight with your summoned servants, but there was also the fist/shield fight Guda had. That opened up a lot of way to interpret the rather brief battle, and several opportunities. Regardless of what I decided, I needed to make it memorable, and I knew there would be some disappointment if certain servants didn’t participate in the fight.

I couldn’t have everyone jump in or it’d be a giant, convoluted mess just to try and please everyone… so I didn’t. I made it matter, even if I decided David wouldn’t have a part in it. There’s was nice potential with a different path for him (denial and acceptance), so I pursued it for the sake of convolution’s sake. One other factor was that his primary noble phantasm (Slingshot, not the Ark or other) can only actually “knock out” the enemy, so it wouldn’t have made for a nice last hit anyway. The other two could have worked, but again, thought of a different idea that enticed me.

Instead, I just went with what the game had shown. The servants soften up Goetia, and the original masters tag-team him in a fist fight to let their own anger out. All that remained was picking which servants played the critical role, and before this all started, I knew exactly who it was going to be: The first eight servants we all came to know and love.

What better way to end it all than the ones who began it all? I hope it turned out really flashy, because it was quite a juggling act to put on their little show while throwing some others into the mix.

I also got to portray Gudao’s and Gabrielle’s magecraft a bit better. Gudao’s weaker for the most part in combat, but he made up for it by wielding Mashu’s shield with surprising efficiency. I wanted to make sure they looked like a tag team too, so their actions didn’t surprise each other in the least. Definitely had to have the nice fist fight to clobber Goetia.

We’ll see how Gudao’s mentality holds up even with Gabrielle there now. Their enemy is gone, and he’s now alone to his thoughts as they escape. Who knows how long David’s own coping will last too? Tune in next time for the rough closure to all of this, and the segway into Supplement 4, whose title will be unveiled with the Epilogue.

Game Soundtrack. It’s what was played officially. Very upbeat, and it does still fit very nicely. Great homage to the opening of the game too. 

Unofficial Soundtrack: Split into two for the final battle. Again, just stuff that played while I was writing that fit the scenes better than the others.

Scene VIII: Goetia vs. Servants

Scene IX: Goetia vs. Masters

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