Chapter 3 Insight

I knew long, long before I started this that I wanted Chaldea itself to play a crucial role in the final battle. It wasn’t enough for me that Chaldea came under attack in the canon storyline: I wanted them to have a piece of action. They, the normal staff of Chaldea, should play a role in the salvation of humanity. I didn’t want the battle to be solved by servant and master hands alone. It’s more poetic that way.

Of course, that also meant I was going to put them into serious danger. I did just that, and I did all I could to try and put you in their shoes. They’re normal people, gripped by emotions and fear and unadapted to war at its scariest. I tried to make them feel natural, but at the same time, gave them that glimmer of hope and determination they’d likely grab by the bonds they formed and their experiences in their impossible reality.

I also wanted to see how attached some of you got to my OCs. Writing characters in an original screenplay is far different than inserting new ones among beloved, canon favorites. I’m glad so very many adore the OCs. Are they still alive? Are they dead? That’s for me to keep a secret, and you’ll just have to hang on to those seats just a little longer. Gotta keep that tension up since the big bad is still looking to kill Mashu and Gudao… until Good ol’ Merlin pops up!

In the end, I hope the surprise nearly all the major OCs played a part was fun and exciting to read. They played a key role in pushing Doctor Roman’s motivations into high gear, and we veterans all know what that means. The time draws nearer, but no one is out of the woods yet even if they managed to deliver the grail!

Fun to think the night is still fairly young, huh?

This caught the general mood of last minute victory at the end. Nothing that played while I was writing really captured the “despair to hope” swing through the whole thing. Maybe I’ll find something later when writing the other chapters.

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