Epilogue Insight

Crafting this ending was a little difficult because it’s supposed to tie into the beginning of the next supplement. At the same time, I still wanted to be uplifting, but it wasn’t going to resemble the game’s ending. Not yet. That beautiful moment was moved to later where it will actually have profound impact. Right now, they just needed a quick band aid over the lingering anxiety.

It needed to feel conclusive though, so I do hope it turned out that way. I wanted it to feel like a memoir of what was while also serving as a good transition piece. I feel it wasn’t as ‘poetic’ as RFS’s ending, but it did what it needs to in such a bittersweet spot.

Goetia was overall interesting and difficult to work with through this whole ordeal. I understood its intricacies throughout the canon plot, but the circumstances for this one are different. At the end, I did like the entire take on the beast finally understanding what having a finite life felt like. Even if his human form was ‘robbed’ of a final big fight against Gudao, I definitely wanted to draw a parallel with his last situation. There was no final conversation, but he didn’t need one.

Usually I have a very curious tie in with the story’s title to end the story, but it was only briefly mentioned because the true reference happened in Roman’s monologue. I just left a small little reminder in Da Vinci’s thoughts to refer back to it. I’ll make a separate post about it for the story’s “theme song” post.

And, of course, some final tear-jerking and feels tugging for the ending. Da Vinci tries to keep spirits riding off the wave of triumph, but even she feels the lingering anguish. I wanted the readers to feel the mix of emotions, and definitely keep them in mind for the next supplement.

Thanks for reading the third supplement!

Final, unofficial soundtrack. Works best for Scenes IX and X, but for X especially.

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