Fragment 8 (Post-Upgrade) Insight

It was a tossup between using the final ascension art and an earlier one, considering he’s his older self in Fragments.

Waver arguably has the most growth in Fate/Zero. Simply put, the fragment was just designed as closure for all that he’s went through. He’s grown up into a fine professor and magus, and now he’s a caster class servant thanks to his condition. Zhuge Liang thought he would be the better personality candidate, which caused a bit of an uproar when the community found out. No Zhuge Liang, only Waver. It’s the opposite of what happened with Ishtar and Rin, where the goddess decided to retain control after the personality merge. Poor Rin.

The fragment remained true to its core, but it received significant bolstering in the form of better character insight for El Melloi. The graveyard scene was new and added a lot of self reflection and situational analysis. The flashback to the Roman campaign was also new, and I used it to show Waver as a potential mentor for Gudao, much like Iskander was for him. It felt like a great tie in, and also let me show that Gudao was not the perfect strategist he was before the tutoring. Yes he had experience, but it was only bolstered and improved by El Melloi’s efforts.

I introduced Cu a tad earlier so everything didn’t seem as squished together. I also made him very specific on what games he likes, similar to Mordred later. It makes sense that he would like fighter games, but having him like other stuff would be a bit more of a stretch considering who he is. Then there’s Kintoki who probably enjoys party games way too much considering his rather positive personality. 

Introducing Iskander to Chaldea through video games was probably a must. It can’t really get more slice of life for him than that. Combined with a reunion with Waver, it made the setup a must do. As the driving force for Waver, I made sure the self reflections and thoughts revealed his inner admiration and perception of his king prior to his arrival. Make the reunion just a touch sweeter.

Then there’s Tyler. Naomi was introduced earlier and shown as an OC who had been partially intimidated by the servants she now calls friends. She had been also reserved and respectful of them. Tyler is the epitome of not caring, and simply saw them as celebrities that he could hang out with. He serves as one of the happier employees in Chaldea, and the one who treats servants the most casually by far. It has its hit and misses, but he fits a clear niche as someone people would want to identify with for simply jumping right into  spending time with historical figures. 

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