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Fragment 103 Insight

One final relaxing entry in a row before we start rolling alongside some feels again. It’s the season to be merry, but to get there, some pinches of the opposite always help to brighten the highlights even more. December is finally back in Chaldea.… Continue Reading “Fragment 103 Insight”

Fragment 17 Insight (Revisited)

By the time it was Sasaki’s fragment, the lone-character spotlight was a mandatory design. From here on, I found myself making very little corrections to get rid of multiple viewpoints. One or two remained by necessity. This one was a return to the standard… Continue Reading “Fragment 17 Insight (Revisited)”

Fragment 16 Insight (Revisited)

It was around this time I started doubling down on the series’ own in-house designs. The rooms and staff were already a clear indication this was a divergence, but I decided to adapt some game mechanics besides just saint quartz. The most notable was… Continue Reading “Fragment 16 Insight (Revisited)”

Fragment 9 Insight (Revisited)

Back when I first wrote this fragment, it would become my first answer to ‘duplicate’ servants. It was my intention to limit the number of similar servants to one and only one back when the series was still very casual. Obviously years later, that… Continue Reading “Fragment 9 Insight (Revisited)”

Fragment 93 Insight

When you line up enough pegs and move the right pieces into place, entries like this become both viable and believable. They don’t need inclusive plots, but they can still advance some other subplots for other characters. This fragment just has a small, simple… Continue Reading “Fragment 93 Insight”

Fragment 88 Insight

Carmilla offered a chance at a different approach. Usual trend has been a servant grows guilty and wants to atone outright for their past sins. Reading Carmilla’s bio and materials made it apparent that the guilt isn’t too heavy, even with her interlude taken… Continue Reading “Fragment 88 Insight”

Fragment 80 Insight

Last fragment was extra fluffy, so of course I was going to have to shake the train a bit with the next one. Not everything is a happy ending in the wonderfully gray world of Fate, after all. It’s unfortunate, but Shiki just had… Continue Reading “Fragment 80 Insight”

Fragment 70 Insight

This was one hell of a confusing and hectic fragment to write. I had to do quite a bit more research to make the scenario a little more viable, and also provide some proper context on why Hundred Face wasn’t really seen much throughout… Continue Reading “Fragment 70 Insight”

Fragment 67 Insight

I’m almost positive no one saw that coming, so just to briefly address the elephant in the room first: Yes, it’s all in the circumstances. The Fate System can’t summon… but being brought home isn’t the same as being summoned. There are ways to… Continue Reading “Fragment 67 Insight”

Fragment 60 Insight

I decided to take a few liberties when doing Phantom of the Opera, especially since his mental pollution is now completely gone. First and foremost, I used his actual backstory that can be gleamed from his work as a foundation for how he acts.… Continue Reading “Fragment 60 Insight”