Fragment 41 Insight

Ah, the other end of the pseudo-servant spectrum. Ishtar has full control of Rin’s body, but the little Magus still had her personality influence the goddess. As a result we get an Ishtar that’s far more lenient and less temperamental than he real life counterpart. Combine that with an already established compromise and friendship with Emiya, Arturia, and the others who knew Rin, and the goddess finds herself in a very different situation.

She would have only known Gilgamesh at that point, and that wouldn’t have gone well at all.

Instead, she’s free to explore and follow an interest she’s always had: Influencing people when she desired. Gods and goddesses always have a problem with influencing others for their own entertainment, but at least this time, Ishtar is doing it for very positive reasons. The thing is, not everything goes according to plan. Definitely not here either.

I wanted to focus on a popular facet of Rin besides her tsundere attitude. The idea Rin has a habit of screwing something trivial up at the worst possible moment made for a great comedy premise, so I opted for that. Combine the idea with trying to be cupid on Valentine’s Day, and there’s a lot of scenarios that could happen. So I went for the big ones many would expect, but some, sadly, did not make the cut. I try to keep these to a set length.

Mashu getting frustrated with her father was always on the list, so what better day than Valentine’s Day? Always willing to appease his daughter, I simply wished their family relationship to be expanded. It’s not always rainbows and flowers, sometimes Mashu has to put her foot down.

Mata Hari as an accomplice for Ishtar was partially out of the need to give her more screen time. It was also the unique dynamic that pushed it. She’s often considered the weakest servant lore wise (not counting OG avenger), so to have her hang around one of the more powerful ones and form a friendship? She needed it, but it also serves to help bring Ishtar down… sometimes. All the praise from Mata Hari might just be making it worse.

For those wondering if I was teasing Mata Hari and Arash, don’t worry. This is a Valentine’s Day Fragment, meaning Ishtar is seeing everything with possibilities. I can at least reveal I have no intentions with those two, and just wanted to show Ishtar is a tad trigger happy today because she gets to influence humans.

The encounter with Gilgamesh was a must. I simply just wanted to convey the basics, since Babylonia will get far more into a unique dynamic involving those two. I shall reveal no more. What I will reveal, is that next week’s fragment returns to the fighting arena! Valeria Delaqua will have a light match to open up for the real, main event, but who’s going to duke it out? Find out next week on Fragmentball Z!

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