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Fragment 84 Insight

Mandatory unapologetic pun: It’s Treestan’s fragment so it was bound to be a bit sappy. Groans aside, I wanted it to be a nice little progressive mix. Many probably snapped their fingers that I teased Arturia lily again but then pulled a ‘nope’ barely… Continue Reading “Fragment 84 Insight”

Fragment 83 Insight

The teaser should have made it very obvious who was popping up this time around. The last time two servants were summoned at the same time was back with Karna and Arjuna. There won’t be another ‘summoning’ fragment for a while since they tend… Continue Reading “Fragment 83 Insight”

Fragment 73 Insight

And you thought Quantum timelocks and alternate dimensions was enough to stomach. As a science-styled fragment that dips into the ideas of unbelievable work ethics, it was a great fit here. I just hope it wasn’t too confusing. I asked SKYS for his opinion… Continue Reading “Fragment 73 Insight”

Fragment 64 Insight

This was a joy to write. Without a doubt, this flew onto the keyboard, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved writing it. The only thing more satisfying than making it was sprinkling the build up for so long before… Continue Reading “Fragment 64 Insight”

Fragment 58 Insight

I know a lot of people were expecting Raikou for Mother’s Day, and it would have been a solid choice, but Chaldea’s currently on a summoning break to stockpile. I did consider it, but I had a better idea for her fragment later on.… Continue Reading “Fragment 58 Insight”

Fragment 55 Insight

Before this entry, I could say that my good search history already resembled scatter shot. Now it’s just a total mess with how much extra reading I did on the music industry and specifically idols. I didn’t even know there was a game based… Continue Reading “Fragment 55 Insight”

Fragment 52 Insight

It’s been a long while since the Emiya family got any serious light shined on them, though admittedly there are still other servants and groups who could use it more; Fear not, they’re coming. For now though, it was about time to explore an… Continue Reading “Fragment 52 Insight”

Fragment 44 Insight

It had to come eventually. A fragment starring everyone’s favorite, self-sacrificing archer. Natural to this servant, I had to make sure everything he did was both rather optimistic and friendly, formed by positive intent. He’s a hero after all, and one who forged peace… Continue Reading “Fragment 44 Insight”

Fragment 41 Insight

Ah, the other end of the pseudo-servant spectrum. Ishtar has full control of Rin’s body, but the little Magus still had her personality influence the goddess. As a result we get an Ishtar that’s far more lenient and less temperamental than he real life… Continue Reading “Fragment 41 Insight”

Fragment 3 (Post-Upgrade) Insight

This one received a pretty hefty overhaul to make it attune more towards a servant. The obvious choice was Emiya, but Tamamo, Jack, and Nursery Rhyme still get plenty of screen time to help make the archer’s day a little more rewarding. His presence… Continue Reading “Fragment 3 (Post-Upgrade) Insight”