Fragment 71 Insight

A romance-heavier fragment is usually few and far between, but there’s usually at least one or two per season. Healing, soul-searching, and Slice of Life goodness usually take priority, so romance usually acts as a supplement topic if anything.

So, Frankenstein made for a great candidate for obvious reasons. With all the time that has passed for her as Chaldea’s third servant, there’s really nothing to “fix” at this point. Her problems are all pretty much solved. Though she’d still like to see others like herself, she’s definitely treated as a human being now. She’s a friend to quite a few and gets to live a rather dreamy life where she gets to relax all the time.

That pretty much leaves the fragment to explore her interests, add some key friendships, and then make an anchoring, pivotal moment for her life: Accepting Anton’s proposal. Now her wedding dress battle attire will hold a little more meaning for her. I doubled down on the tender romance theme and did everything to ensure Frankenstein’s life is seen as nothing but relaxing and happy now: She gets to collect those beautiful moments she learned could exist for her thanks to her former master.

I originally had a scene for her where she was shopping in a singularity, but it felt too out of place so I decided to move it to a later entry.

Nursery Rhyme’s attitude shift was honestly a little headcanon I had for a while. Since her attitude and disposition can change to suit her summoned master, I figure it could also still slightly shift depending on circumstances. She had some pretty decent attitude in the Extra series, as example, so I thought it’d be funny if she takes tea parties much more seriously than usually depicted… aka, she becomes very noble and almost a bit snobbish.

However, I wanted it to come across as cute and endearing, so I added Jailter’s attempts to match her… and fail at using big words. Another little quirk I decided to “activate”. She loves feeling smart, but it becomes cute when she trips over big words that she wouldn’t normally have to know/use.

Roman hadn’t really made any ‘big’ slip-ups in a while, so I decided it’d probably be best he be the one to offhandedly blow the cover with friendly chatter.

Final bonus: This is the cover that best portrays how I imagined Jeanne would sing the Aerosmith song.

Teaser: It’s finally time for Shakespeare’s play!

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