Fragment 82 Insight

I was very much considering lopping dozens upon dozens of medical terminology all over the place, but I decided to tone it down a bit. I still wished to flavor the fragment with occasional bouts of medical analysis and observations since it is about Nightingale.

Most importantly of all though, I made certain that she never saw her mad enhancement fueled resolve feel like a problem: It wouldn’t be for her. It’s her own lifelong resolve tripled into a borderline obsession, like Hijikata. It’s who they are, and not just madness for the sake of madness. Thus, she wouldn’t even consider the dilution potion once in her own thoughts.

That said, I also wanted to make it so it’s not all ridiculously fueled resolve. Yes, she doesn’t listen to others when it comes to diagnosis, assessment, advice, and treatment, but she does listen to herself and her regarding those. It’s like her natural instincts and practice; She’s a nurse that doesn’t let others tell her how to do her job, but if the situation calls for it, she will still act accordingly.

Case in point: Baby Gio and her mother Elsa. Treating a baby harshly and distantly would cause unnecessary stress and anxiety for a newborn, but being compassionate would yield improved results in a quick/efficient manner. Thus, I thought it’d be a nice twist, as shown in Marie’s fragment, that Nightingale was absolutely gentle with babies. I also made it where she acknowledges her own shortcomings in regards to mental health, which is an entirely new field, so Elsa would have a little more sway then most as an expert in that category. Again, fueled resolve halted by personal acknowledgement that someone else is much more suited for the task.

The small tricky part was ensuring Nightingale was running all over the world to save every wounded though. A bit of weaving and finesse, but I think the reasoning works out. It’s not like she’s not taking her vacation as humanitarian missions anyway.

And finally, a smorgasbord of interactions with others, including finally fixing a long-term problem: What better fragment for Naomi to wake up then one regarding a nurse? All that should have been self-explanatory though.

I’ll need to take a one week break due to unexpected workload. I was hoping I’d get more Halloween themes in before October ended, but c’est la vie.

Teaser: He came from an era of heroes, myths, and legends, yet Chaldea was looking to be like nothing he’d seen before. There were many faces he recognized upon arrival, both from that great holy grail war and his past life… but he was happy they’d be his allies. Most of all, he was relieved he and his students were off to a pleasant start once more.

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