Fragment 68 Insight

It’s time for one of the second EOR era servant to make their appearance (since Arthur was technically the first). If it wasn’t obvious enough, this is a Hijikata separate from the one during the second Guda Guda. Obviously that will be addressed, but that will come in time when ChaCha finally comes around.

Based on his my room lines, personal history, and other dialogue, it’s no stretch to presume he usually takes things in a serious to stern manner. He’ll also usually likely stay rather reserved regarding things that are outside of his personal interests or responsibilities. His Mad Enhancement is also very viable and acts up the most during combat for obvious reasons. That made it rather straightforward on what path needs to be taken to introduce him to Chaldea.

So I focused on what is the core embodiment of Hijikata and made it the general theme: His outright conviction.

Though he’s stringent on his own rules, it’s for a good reason, yet he still cares for his comrades in the end. When you see the history of the Shinsengumi and the controversies caused in its early days, it’s no wonder Hijikata would have been as strict as he was. He doesn’t want to give a bad image to anyone about the organization and comrades he’s dedicated to. However, he is also not afraid to go to extremes to show how they’re supposed to live, fight, and die on the battlefield without faltering. It’s ferocity to an outright extreme that the masters now have to take into consideration before they finally let him ‘engage’.

Someone so strict and serious coming to Chaldea to see all of its zaniness will not take it as well compared to others, so it gave me the opportunity to showcase more crazy situations people have come to expect. Lots of it. This is one of the highest counts of random encounters I’ve dropped in a single entry. While any new servant would likely just think it’s crazy, Hijikata would believe it’s nearly outright admonishable.

That is, until he notices the underlying bonds beneath that glint in their eye.

Crazy as they are, I can safely say I’ve done a good job of showcasing the strength of Chaldea’s underlying bonds. Though they can argue and disagree, and maybe not like some as much as others, there’s a loyalty forged between them even without humanity’s survival at stake. It’s this fidelity that Hijikata can definitely come to respect, as shown in Guda Guda Meiji when he was defeated and flatly acknowledged Okita’s loyalty to the master. It’s a bond between warriors and comrades that cannot be explained easily to those outside.

And so, he’ll accept his new allies while ensuring the Shinsengumi lived on with him… and of course, Okita.

Teaser: They were one of the first in Chaldea, and had come to witness all that had transpired. They didn’t change much in the many months, but they didn’t have to. They merely enjoyed the entire ride.

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