Fragment 34 Insight

Saving Heracles’ fragment for later, but Asterios was a good fit for what was coming up.

I took a few liberties with Chaldea’s most docile berserker next to Frankenstein. The main one is the extent of his ability to think and reason. While he’s not able to do anything serious like algebra or philosophy, I gave him enough reason to be able to think about his situation and others’. I toyed around with the idea of a very simplistic thought process, but the writing was actually starting to come out very droll, minimalist, and rather jarring. Would it have worked as a unique style for the berserker’s fragment? It could, but I feel Asterios is one of the ones who would benefit best through comic design and story boarding.

The large berserker’s room hasn’t been shown yet, and is rather spectacular. I waited until the renovation to show what I really thought they would like to live in. Since it was large and communal, the idea of making it a lodge or hearth style living community struck me as cool. The concept the three wound up friends on an unusual level was also an idea I wished to play with. Spartcaus definitely needs some friends who are more than willing to hold him back.

The labyrinth scene is what started the entire concept of Asterios’ fragments. I knew he was going to be a rather friendly and helpful berserker, but I needed the real reason why. There was one particular line in his biography, which sparked the Fragment title and concept, that I really liked and made this possible. The contrast of his forced conditions, and the liberty to twist it Type-Moon Style, made for a great starting point. As the feared Minotaur, I made the past more heart-wrenching to match with the typical Nasu feel train. It was brief and basic enough to adapt later in case they do fill out his past further.

His relation to the Gorgon Sisters I also wanted to make a little clearer. It’s obvious he’s close to Euryale, which I expanded on too, but I wanted it to be fairly clear he’s almost family of sorts. I also wanted to be sure his disposition around Chaldea was well received. Between employees and servants, he’s one of the more liked individuals. Especially in his own personal sanctuary.

It was the final ascension art and his biography that spawned this. While honey bees make for good pollinators, butterflies were the real ticket. That entire scene was inspired by a Butterfly Sanctuary near me that does roughly the same thing with their countless flyers. Going there to just sit and think is a real possibility, though Asterios would do it simply to enjoy the nature he loved. Snow is also nature to love but… well, compared to butterflies and flowers, I’m fairly certain which one would win every time for the berserker.

Plenty of teases still for what’s coming down the pipeline, but we’ll be taking a step closer much sooner this week. Double Fragment week means there will be another posting on March 23rd during the same hours. 

As a special bonus for the posting, I will also reveal the next servant. The decision wasn’t influenced by the event, and in all honesty, was the original, small tribute in hopes of bringing the Guda Guda event back. That’s right, Okita is Fragment 35.

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