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Fragment 31 Insight

Mordred was going to show up regardless just due to their friendship. It’s been mentioned several times, and glanced at a distance in Their Guiding Light. They’re almost opposites, which creates an interesting dynamic when the two are allowed to simply interact. He’s the anchor… Continue Reading “Fragment 31 Insight”

Fragment 30 Insight

Since you’ve read the Fragment, you can likely see why I consider it the most controversial one to date. It’s one thing to develop a character over the course of time, which I did, but it’s another thing entirely to get rid of an… Continue Reading “Fragment 30 Insight”

Fragment 6 (Post-Upgrade) Insight

The fragment introduces the altitude difference I recently placed. Since it was already practically focused on Beowulf, I simply placed more background material before, and in between, caster training sessions. He seemed a little too antagonistic before, but this was simply due to his… Continue Reading “Fragment 6 (Post-Upgrade) Insight”