Fragment 98 Insight

Remember the teaser for Penthesilea’s entry? I spun it a little uniquely to incorporate the general concept of her fragment. It’s also a conclusive pointer towards what I did to ‘tweak/adapt’ her noble phantasm’s Ex rank in a curious way.

Obviously stated, it’s about pride. Achilles’ words had slammed her viciously because it essentially disavowed everything she worked for. So, I thought, what if I challenged her mad enhancement’s control by introducing another vicious attack on her psyche? What could be powerful enough of a situation to cause her to snap from her trance, even with Achilles in front of her? The answer, once more, was founded on the concept of pride being everything to an Amazonian.

No need to go further into it since you read why it did it though, and through her eyes, nonetheless. But that’s the theme I thought would make for a great central point in this little saga: The effects of pride and the weight it carries, both good and bad.

I won’t go full into all my dropped hints and perspectives about this since I’m saving it for next insight, but I hope you read carefully. Maybe even read it and the previous fragment again if you so desire, because I designed this to be quite the onion. Fragment 99 will be the capping point.

That aside, I did what I could to color Penthesilea uniquely. Even with the soul-crushing realization of what she did, and how much it weighs on her soul, I wanted to ensure she was still strong to her core. She’s an Amazon Queen, born in an age where women are very often looked down upon in combat. As such, she should be tempered titanium in all regards, but that doesn’t mean she can’t feel.

Fragments makes a point to try and humanize every servant, because at one point, they were. Mythical perspective and summoned quirks aside, I do what I can to expand that realistically. In this case, it’s done through a very troubling, time-stringent situation with a lot of far-from-perfect answers. Thus, the choices, reactions, and interactions should go a few miles extra to flesh everyone out further.

This includes all who merely talked to Penthesilea, one way or another. There was a giant list of possibilities on who could approach, and while the number was culled down, the fragment was already stretching on. Super fragments are already excessively long. So there’s a few more interactions that will pop up in 99 that won’t be too invasive. For those shown, I hope it made a few strives to help color some others who weren’t heavily-involved in this saga.

But, once more, in all the chaos and information to absorb, I hope you spotted hidden gems, what-ifs, and fuel for future rockets to lift off!

Teaser: In the chaos of life, it was often easy to remember the troubles than to remember the good. The great ones. Fleeting gems, both big and small, happened all the time, but it was often so easy to forget, or fail to see the beauty of what often is. Not all could remember, savor, and cherish each moment like he could, but he had the means to fix that. After all, he’d been blessed by God with a hobby and the skill to capture the best moments.

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