Fragment 64 Insight

This was a joy to write. Without a doubt, this flew onto the keyboard, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved writing it. The only thing more satisfying than making it was sprinkling the build up for so long before this critical moment.

For those who can tell, yes, Arjuna’s second interlude is interwoven into the fragment because it plays such a perfect part. My only regret is that it perhaps not as intricate as it could have been since the interlude completely disappeared from tumblr two months ago. It saddens me, but in all that time no one has found it again. It’s a shame, because it was a really nice interlude that granted Arjuna the character development he needed.

Since I don’t like rehashing, I re-envisioned it as only part of the entire picture I wished to paint, and welded it to a concept that fits perfectly to the self-conscious and overly perfectionist Arjuna: Staring into a mirror. There’s nothing quite like looking at your reflection to spark all different kinds of reactions depending how you feel. Thus, I made it central to the entire piece so it becomes symbolic.

Anishka played a huge role in this fragment, but that’s alright because that’s actually canon. The master played a massive role in Arjuna’s character development, and so I portrayed it as such but with a properly suited master. It’s partially why his fragment came after hers, but it’s mostly because of the timing issues. ‘Krishna’ would definitely want to act ASAP on killing her inconspicuously, which meant the night after she gets the contracted connection to Chaldea.

Many may be surprised Karna and Arjuna’s interaction seemed so brief and short, but that’s on purpose. Arjuna wouldn’t want to drag it. He’d say it and be done to hide him further humiliation for even mouthing it. He wouldn’t want to linger, and so Karna would actually grant him that with a small reply of his own.

For those who don’t know, Geronimo’s speech to Arjuna is a story told by the Cherokee tribes, which are admittedly far more east than the Apaches. The word are roughly the same, so that was just some fun trivia for you.

Hyde’s dialogue is always fun to write, and he made a perfect fit for poking at Arjuna further. Not much really needs to be said about that. Hidden darkness aspect is pretty obvious. I just added some Spartacus humor so this fragment retained some ups and downs… just like Marie and Mata Hari mistaking the final scene for a love confession.

Which brings up the final thing to note. I also used Arjuna’s Valentine’s return gift accordingly here, because it worked well. Obviously no chocolates involved, but it’s the message of giving her his shame that counts.

Also, for the music that was playing, it wasn’t openly stated, but this is the song that was heavily implied Mozart and Phantom were serenading the two with: 

Next week: This was not supposed to be. They retained memories that should have shattered and faded like stained glass, yet there was no doubt in their mind. Glimpses of a life that were never truly theirs combined with their own to form one absolute thought: Those fleeting moments could finally be their own.

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