Fragment 73 Insight

And you thought Quantum timelocks and alternate dimensions was enough to stomach. As a science-styled fragment that dips into the ideas of unbelievable work ethics, it was a great fit here. I just hope it wasn’t too confusing. I asked SKYS for his opinion on it to make sure the rough primer on my idea made sense.

Due to a big, rushed miscommunication on my part, I’ve made a separate post detailing a key piece: Solomon Time Temple’s location curiosity.

Potentially confusing as hell topics aside, though, we had the other big idea in this fragment: Tesla’s OCD. This was not something shown in Grand Order, but the real Tesla had pretty well-documented OCD tendencies. I showcased a bunch of them just as tie-overs. Even the bird is a peculiar case associated with Tesla, though I decided to shift the interpretation a bit to make it fit better.

So the stuff about counting napkins, doing three laps, not touching hair, and a few others? Yup. Those are real and documented tendencies of the real Tesla. I thought they’d make a nice coloring for FGO’s proud and intelligent archer, which I also ensured to show in its own ways. He appeared pretty ‘mellow’ in many of his other showings, but introspection allowed me to explain why.

Fear not, for he’s definitely still prideful… especially when Edison’s involved.

Showcasing both of their gentleman aspects in a work environment felt like a fun bit of depth. They worked together for a common goal before (Dead Heat Summer Race 2017), so I thought I’d showcase it a little earlier. They have an eternal rivalry, but they can still collaborate if it’s in the best interest of both.

Other interactions were noticeably less in this Fragment, but I decided to shed light on an interesting one rather than expand too much on the other geniuses. The entry itself was more serious than the previous one too, but the vast majority would be after that ‘disaster’ of a play. It’s simply a transition to more serious tones considering what Supplement 3 will bring to the table.

Teaser: All around her, Chaldea prepared for the decisive battle ahead in their own way. With all their strength, optimism, and beautiful moments she witnessed even now, her love for this place bloomed freely without fear of ruining anything.

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