Fragment 44 Insight

It had to come eventually. A fragment starring everyone’s favorite, self-sacrificing archer. Natural to this servant, I had to make sure everything he did was both rather optimistic and friendly, formed by positive intent. He’s a hero after all, and one who forged peace for two groups with his most famous move.

With this in mind, I had to bring to light him and Frankenstein. Going off of the idea that servant death pretty much amounts to nothing development wise due to the mechanics… I simply made the point obvious. Having them kill themselves repeatedly at key moments, only to bring back, would be pretty bland and dumb, but their noble phantasms needed to be mentioned. Since the staff are, even still, unaware they can be brought back, of course Gudao would keep his stance that their Noble Phantasms are banned.

As stated, sacrifice is something that needs to be weighed heavily. Things usually wind up being contrived to warrant it.

That said, with a whole bunch of the other servant groups getting highlights through the past 44 fragments (TGL is a big fragment, heh), it was only a matter of time before we arrived at the Prototype group. Ozymandias was missing, but I think I did enough inference to say he gets along with them now. I at least made certain that they would have a group meeting in some way, and to cheer up Serenity would be one ideal.

Too bad it didn’t go so well for the rather lightweight Jekyll. Just wait and watch, that’s all. It’s pretty clear why this needed to be done when you take a step back and look at the overall picture.

New servants have been arriving rather rapid fire recently. For those who were wondering how I was going to do it, well, no more curiosity I guess. Even if it was technically just another Collab, Shiki has arrived as another pseudo-servant. More to come, of course, and they’ll all get adequate screen time when proper fragments approach. Not yet, though, since I need these next few to help bring an end to this little “arc” (of sorts) and form the final building blocks for Babylonia’s course.

With that said, next week we get more into ideals and chivalry, which means following a famous Knight of Camelot. Which one though?

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