Fragment 84 Insight

Mandatory unapologetic pun: It’s Treestan’s fragment so it was bound to be a bit sappy.

Groans aside, I wanted it to be a nice little progressive mix. Many probably snapped their fingers that I teased Arturia lily again but then pulled a ‘nope’ barely a scene later, but it was all as the small tie in for the later developments. Obviously Arturia was getting her material body change, so it would be best from a knight’s perspective. What better than it being Tristan, who didn’t understand her just like she didn’t understand them? And what cooler concept than showing three (technically) sides of the same coin.

It was going to have its sad moments, because that’s Tristan. He’s the tragically beautiful knight. Everywhere he went, despair was sure to follow, and I wanted to ensure that was well-cemented in his actions and thoughts. He gets a second chance, so he’s going to be much more aware of what he, and others (like Emiya), might due to cause an error. But even if he’s mostly living to ensure his King’s new way of living, he has his own little glimpses of growing satisfaction.

I thought of exploring his bond with the other knights deeper, but it wound up spread across the board to just give a general summary: They get along again, are practically in sync, and Bedivere remains his closest. There was a small bit of extra comparisons with Mordred and Lancelot, but Gawain wound up getting a bit of the short stick.

I tried to make a lot of symbolism in Emiya’s admittance and the overall proposal, so I particularly like how that came out, even compared to the hilarity of the reveal scene only a bit before. The fragment wound up containing a tiny bit of everything except full angst, so I had to make sure the transitions were smooth. I know a lot would probably be loving the scene, so any little nitpicks had to be ironed. It did mean the party’s description was a little bit on the hasty side, but the fragment was already dragging on way longer than I wished. Season 4 is looking to be the longest entries yet…

This is the cover of the famous Elvis Presley song Tristan played for the final scene, later joined by Jeanne singing the lyrics: 

Teaser: In his last years, he’d longed to return to the land of his birth… to once more see the red rocks that he fought amongst so many times before. Now he had, and he felt his tempered anger flare yet again for the conditions of his people. Even so, with the help of friends and his own wise mind, he held back, and only fell determined to bring hope to his people without despair.

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