Fragment 83 Insight

The teaser should have made it very obvious who was popping up this time around.

The last time two servants were summoned at the same time was back with Karna and Arjuna. There won’t be another ‘summoning’ fragment for a while since they tend to be fairly straightforward and predictable, but I needed to use this one to set up a few things. The dual summoning was both for convenience and spice, but Achilles and Chiron also weren’t the only ones summoned in the weekish gap.

In exchange for the ‘summoning fragment’ disappearing for a while, I’ll be pulling a few ‘summoned in the background’ deals again like I did back in Seasons 1 and 2. I need to focus more on servants that are in Chaldea who still haven’t gotten their showing.

Besides the usual trend of adding new foreshadowed future stuff and making new developments, I started another subplot/arc. It was bound to happen with all the foreshadowing it was given, but it won’t be dragged out too much. It’ll be mostly comedic if anything, but there’s another drama one (or multiple) coming up to keep things active. Can’t have everything be 100% sunshine and rainbows.

That said, Chiron was straightforward to write. Almost too straightforward honestly. It felt a bit plain, so I tried to see if I couldn’t expand on the whole idea he was taught too. His skill does wonders for knowledge and teaching, but I thought it’d be a nice twist that he’s also looking to further himself. Does wonders to cement him as a powerful but humble figure who understands there’s always room for improvement.

There were also too many possibilities for interactions, so I had to pick and choose what offered some of the most potential. Scathach and Heracles were no-brainers, but I also wanted a relaxed one (Da Vinci and Chacha) so it wasn’t all 100% meaningful. Sometimes you just gotta throw in a new angle. It meant interactions with fellow Great Holy Grail War companions got heavily watered down, but like everything, there’s still plenty of room for showing in the future. Their interactions would have been a bit too plain, obvious, and repetitive too.

Teaser: He could never take the harsh words of truth back; He’d meant it back then, but they didn’t apply now. They had both learned their mistakes. Now, he was allowed to witness something truly majestic after acknowledging his own misunderstanding. From here on, he once again swore he’d follow his King in the new life she lived as one of her faithful knights.

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