Fragment 55 Insight

Before this entry, I could say that my good search history already resembled scatter shot. Now it’s just a total mess with how much extra reading I did on the music industry and specifically idols. I didn’t even know there was a game based on that, but then again that should have been obvious. I learn a lot of stuff making this series, whether I want to or not.

Robin Hood. The classic hero with many depictions, but Type Moon chose a rather tragic route. A lonesome orphan boy with a relatively unknown past that grew up to hold the sacred mantle of the hero. It’s already seen he has a fairly stable life in Chaldea considering his easygoing desires, but it was also depicted he’s been having a curious time with Elizabeth. This entry was to paint the final portrait of that while simultaneously giving rest to his last doubts.

I went with the angle he doesn’t know too much about his own history either because he never had the chance to learn who he really was. While not impossible to do so otherwise, a person discovers himself best when shown different stimuli and allowed to interact with people. Considering he was shunned and only really lived with fairies, it was not that hard to stretch it a bit to give him that past regret: He never did find out who he was.

Thus, the core of this story was simple to build, but lengthy to write: Robin finally let go of struggling with who he was to accept a part of who he is now. He’s making the discovering himself in Chaldea, but he was merely too shortsighted and blinded to draw the connections until Elizabeth finally spoke that one compliment he never heard so earnestly.

I wanted it to feel like a mix of emotions since there was quite a bit of upbeat entries as is. That said, I didn’t want it to be a downer either. That’s why it’s sort of a roller coaster, but more like the junior ones you find for the younger audiences.

I made sure to show interactions between many other characters, but the biggest absence was likely noted. I did consider showing Emiya to depict how they’re on neutral terms, but it was all lengthy enough and he’s made far too many showings as is. Instead, I let his absence speak it all: They just relatively avoid each other.

Chaldea just keeps getting more rooms again, but that’s fine considering how many staff were lost. Just imagine how many rooms, like the main lobby which has yet to be shown, fell into complete disuse when so many staff perished. With every new addition, Chaldea is definitely resembling more of a small town than an actual world saving organization… and that’s the whole idea.

This entry felt a lot more lyric filled than most for obvious reasons. I’d just like to state it’s likely a one time deal, if not extremely rare. To ensure it didn’t look like some generic song fic or something, I made sure to spread the lyrics over different songs and using only a limited number of lines. I think it got the point across well enough.

Finally, the song listing for those who didn’t recognize the tunes. I grabbed them at random but a bunch of my friends played these songs often when around.

Next week: It was a ludicrous idea. The notion she would ever lower herself even a bit was ridiculous… yet here she was, now enjoying a rather enjoyable life much later. She had one person to blame for it at first, but she could never say it to them. It only ever came out as a thanks.

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