FoC status Update – July 5

Nothing terrible, but unfortunately nothing to get really excited over either. I’ve been very bad on the communication front for a good portion of the year, and while I hate making excuses, 2020 hasn’t exactly gone according to plan.

That aside, I am making steady progress on the next fragment while trying to push out new shards. Despite all the real world complications, my other projects (the ones that sapped my time from FoC) are still proceeding. One is getting closer to a deadline and I’ve entered a three month crunch to finish it in time. It may very well wind up being for naught if the event’s deadline winds up being pushed back until next year. Obviously the reason I bring that up is if news drops the yearly contest is cancelled, I’ll have more time liberated to improve my upload speed.

The days of weekly updates are long gone, but hopefully sometime in the future I can do bi-weekly updates again. Heaven knows there’s a ton of content people would like to see implemented, but I’m only one guy.

If you’re a new or veteran reader, thanks for sticking along despite the turbulent year! FoC isn’t on hiatus. It’s just growing slower while other priorities keep my free time limited.

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