Author’s Mid-April Update

Hey readers!

I know it’s been a crazy time for most, and I hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Even with my main career currently on hold, the sidework and other assorted projects have been keeping me relatively busy. Still healthy and kicking too.

That unfortunately meant FoC fell further to the wayside than I had intended, but my tendency to focus/drive hard on the current task usually means something gets hit in the crossfire.

That said, there’s a few notes I’d like to make here to bring some things up to speed:

1. The website has been brought completely up to date to have the proper information the series has provided thus far. This includes additions to several of the lore pages found under the series’ information tab. If there’s anything else that seems amiss, please inform me and hopefully I’ll spot it in a timely manner!

2. Shards will be coming out a bit more frequently again now that the turmoil of the past few weeks has settled into an unsettling normalcy.

3. A new fragment will be dropping within the hour.

4. The discord links should all be working properly. I’ve been pretty damn bad at communication and getting back to everyone’s messages during the past months compared to my norm, but hopefully I can fix that once this weekend passes.

5. I’ve received a lot of well wishes, compliments, and more over the past few weeks that I can’t respond to directly on the tumblr (due to anon). To do so would also mean flooding the blog with well-meaning messages that would make reading questions/answers more than an easter egg hunt. I apologize, and would like to thank you directly, but I’ll have to compromise by placing it on the website too:

Once more, thank you all for the support you’ve shown throughout the years on this rather surprising endeavor of mine! 

I wouldn’t have gone as far as I have if it wasn’t for the tremendous show of fascination and interest many of you have shown, and it really does make me smile seeing how satisfied my fic has made many of you. It may just be a bunch of non-canon words that no one should take too seriously, but if it brightens someone’s day or helps another get through tougher times, than that’s more than I could’ve asked for. Even if it were to ground to a complete halt in the future, I hope the (at least) 2,000,000 words would help others long into the future.

Stay safe, optimistic, and healthy everyone! Thanks again for sticking around!

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