A Little Christmas Surprise

It’s not much compared to what I used to do, but I thought five shards would be a nice little present! One might be just a reupload of the Tumblr ‘catch-ups’ with some extra bits at the end, but at least the other four were traditional shards.

Which brings up the last part of the gift: This was not a one off. While the motivation died off, my inspiration usually just needs a hot minute to ‘reboot.’ And SKYS is even around again doing minor editing checks like he used to!

Now before your hopes get too high, no, this does not mean Fragments is back. As I believe I stated before – and I say that because I didn’t go back to look lol – Fragments’ linear path was its own undoing.

Shards, however, was far more what I always wanted to do with its truly random smattering of light scenes. And thankfully, it has 2,000,000 words of world-building backing to provide a solid perspective on how such-and-such scene could’ve possibly come to fruition.

So while I won’t be writing Shards as frequently as Fragments or how I used to, I can say that there will be more. No set schedule though – the motivation & inspiration to write returned with my main creative endeavor hitting their own little rough spots. And it’s very accurate to say that endeavor is so large that writing fell under its growing umbrella.

TLDR: When motivation strikes or I need a break from my main pursuit, a shard or two will come out of nowhere again!

Just be patient when it comes to two years’ worth of servants popping up. We all know Fate, and that’s a whole lotta lore.

Happy Holidays!

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