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Chapter 18 Insight

Reinforcements pretty much turned the tide. Was it a risky maneuver? Yes it was, but it paid off. It did have its setbacks too, so Gudao will at least try a more… stable setting to experiment with new ideas next time… hopefully. That said,… Continue Reading “Chapter 18 Insight”

Chapter 17 Insight

I can just hear the cries of terror from my screen. All I’m going to say is, the clues are pretty damn obvious. I gave Arturia and Mordred indirect moments with their argument with the Lion King. It was clear they weren’t going to… Continue Reading “Chapter 17 Insight”

Chapter 16 Insight

Thank you Drake and Blackbeard for having two noble phantasm that, when combined, make for arguably one of the coolest invasion methods Chaldea can ever deploy. Seriously, it all just adds up perfectly. Blackbeard’s noble phantasm gains power for every servant on board, and… Continue Reading “Chapter 16 Insight”

Chapter 15 Insight

I honestly thought everyone would see this coming a mile away when I was introducing the knights to those random refugees and villagers. Some had names, some did not, but the end results were the same; Extra fuel against the Lion King and an… Continue Reading “Chapter 15 Insight”

Chapter 14 Insight

Lol. Did you guys seriously think I wouldn’t allow Emiya to fire off probably the most iconic “Fate/ Ultimate” next to Excalibur? Like he said himself though, it wasn’t too effective against someone who has mastered their weapon… let alone a gifted knight. But… Continue Reading “Chapter 14 Insight”

Chapter 13 Insight

And the battle for the village has begun. And quite the battle it’s turning out to be. They seem to have the upperhand with the start of the counterattack, but then Sir Agravain pulls in the remnants of Sir Tristan’s Guerrilla force from his… Continue Reading “Chapter 13 Insight”

Chapter 12 Insight

Ozymandias makes his move, apparently none too pleased with the venture into Atlas. Things aren’t looking too good for either master now, and with the battle just over the horizon, Gudao needed all the help he could get… Poor Mashu just wants to return… Continue Reading “Chapter 12 Insight”

Chapter 11 Insight

Well the Sherlock scenes were sure condensed. You’ll probably either love that or hate it, but let me make things clear: The entire transcript of Act 14 is 7,000 words roughly… That’s most of a regular chapter, and I still have other things to… Continue Reading “Chapter 11 Insight”

Chapter 10 Insight

The masters are able to exploit a rare window of opportunity to attack the fortress and find no prisoners. The attack, along with Sir Tristan’s, goes almost too well… Of course their luck can’t always pan out. They’ve now got an actual regiment from… Continue Reading “Chapter 10 Insight”

Chapter 9 Insight

Arturia just can’t seem to catch a break, can she? To be fair though, this time she handled it much better and didn’t let it get to her. She’s getting much better at letting their words influence her in a positive direction, namely to… Continue Reading “Chapter 9 Insight”