Chapter 16 Insight

Thank you Drake and Blackbeard for having two noble phantasm that, when combined, make for arguably one of the coolest invasion methods Chaldea can ever deploy. Seriously, it all just adds up perfectly. Blackbeard’s noble phantasm gains power for every servant on board, and Drake’s summons an armada of ships with serious destructive capability. While she doesn’t have extra cash to power her up, I’d say their combined attack is still worthy of saint quartz expenditure. I have also read that Blackbeard and Drake pull a similar method to attack one of the demon pillars in the Solomon Raid; Great stuff! Semiramis for flying fortress sometime soon maybe?

I’m sure someone is going to ask: “How did Excalibur breach the gate if the walls of Camelot could not be broken by evil deeds?”

Essentially, anything that wanted to get through the walls was considered an evil deed in the story. So anything, except for Sanzang’s NP with its quirks, attacking the walls would be considered evil. That would make them invincible. We could have a very long winded discussion about why that shouldn’t have been possible, but I guess I’ll just explain my stance with this:

For the sake of story telling, which made Sanzang’s sacrifice necessary and noble in the original, I simply made it possible that the iconic, untainted Anti-Fortress NP would be able to righteously breach the gate. 

That’s all. You can love or hate the decision, but I believe it was a better alternative than bringing in Chaldea’s own Sanzang just to masterkey the gate herself. This is Arturia and her knights’ story, not her’s. She got her “route” in the canon story.

I made King Hassan look as cool as he should. I usually am neutral to characters with edgy/dark tones (I generally like everything else) but King Hassan’s theme and design is way too spot on. Very well designed, so I thought he deserved extra justice in this chapter.

Camelot is in flames. Sphinx are breaking into the city. There’s a fleet of warships overhead… what next, Ozymandias starts shooting beams and pyramids and claim it to be from the canon story? Oh wait, it was from the canon story. Talk about one hell of a fight that got setup.

This chapter can best be described as a sort of “wish fulfillment” of sorts. Apocrypha had such epic scenes in the beginning, but then the assault on the Floating Fortress fell flat. I sought to remedy this by keeping combat escalation relatively linear, and I hope this show just that.

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