Chapter 13 Insight

And the battle for the village has begun. And quite the battle it’s turning out to be. They seem to have the upperhand with the start of the counterattack, but then Sir Agravain pulls in the remnants of Sir Tristan’s Guerrilla force from his back pocket. In their tunnel vision to protect against the two regiments, no one detected the third (albeit weakened one). 

Astolfo and Mordred making one hell of an entrance. So does the enemy Sir Mordred for that matter. Three noble phantasms in quick succession, and with a complete disregard for her own troops for that matter. That eager to claim the enemy King Arthur’s head huh?

Servants are dropping left and right; These sentinels are not something to be taken lightly at all with their coordinated fire and large numbers… But now that everyone’s noble phantasms have drained them of magical energy, how can they combat that third regiment? Especially with this Justicar putting up a significant challenge?

At least Sir Agravain is content to watch the battle from afar, just like he did in the canon chapter… though he wasn’t all that far within the fortress dungeons to be fair. 

Emiya’s got one of his plans going again, but will it be enough to take down a gifted knight without the aid of Sir Bedivere? They will have to face Sir Mordred at full strength and without a way to fully disable her gifts and blessings, unless he has something else up his sleeves… but this is the famed GARcher, so he’s bound to have something ready with that Eye of the Mind of his… besides a condescending smirk of course.

If no one noticed by the sudden escalation of danger, the story was missing most of its “Why is Camelot so hard!?” on purpose. It begins ramping up here, and from now until the end of the story, there will only be one small break from full fledged action. They’re now going to feel the same grinding agony that we did when going through Camelot, so for those thinking they have it easy, you got your answer. You just had to wait and see as usual.

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