Chapter 15 Insight

I honestly thought everyone would see this coming a mile away when I was introducing the knights to those random refugees and villagers. Some had names, some did not, but the end results were the same; Extra fuel against the Lion King and an emotional rollercoaster for the knights, and hopefully you too.

Speaking of emotional waves, Mordred and Arturia finally have a talk… or at least some of it. Sheesh, Lion King, you just had to step the game up and take this entire situation seriously, didn’t you? They were only able to get a few words in thanks to you! But they were still words with meaningful impact, and the bridge between father and son is now forming for the first time (before it was kinda one sided).

Mashu and Lancelot’s friendship is put on some thin ice thanks to Galahad’s saint graph completely activating, but it’s good to see the shielder putting her foot down where she deems it necessary… in this case, keeping their relation as is since she enjoys it so much. Problem averted before it even began thanks to our ever friendly and compassionate first servant.

Which just leaves Gawain and Lancelot. Hopefully the former will find a way to forgive, but it’s going to be more difficult considering Lancelot killed his family in front of him trying to save Guinevere. Even with the scale of Mordred’s rebellion, that’s going to be a personal strike. 

Emotions are running high with no proper time to consolidate them. The Sun King’s condition for the grail means they have to join the fight, but with the discovery the lance is entering its final stage, it’s not like they had a choice to begin with. The final battle is forced upon them and Gudao has to cook up one of his ingenious plans on the spot… but what did he come up with? It better be good enough to stop the Lion King from destabilizing humanity. 

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