Chapter 12 Insight

Ozymandias makes his move, apparently none too pleased with the venture into Atlas. Things aren’t looking too good for either master now, and with the battle just over the horizon, Gudao needed all the help he could get… Poor Mashu just wants to return to help defend those she cares about, as does everyone else for that matter.

Gawain finally extends the hand of friendship to Mordred after misjudging her for so long. Guess it only took watching her reactions and a little choice words from Hans to do the trick. Maybe he’ll start acting like the valiant knight he claims himself to be from now on.

Five new defenders in the town, yet only three have been revealed. And with two regiments now bearing down on them, they could use that extra help. Speaking of extra help.

It still follows the canon story involving Sir Lancelot’s alliance, but he’s only going to lend that aid if they reach the castle. Talk about wanting your new ally to prove their metal, huh? Guess that’s the best you can do when you systematically shamed him and wiped part of his unit off the map. 

And finally, Mordred seems pleased at the idea the Lion King is being ‘tainted’ by Rhongomyniad. Now theorized as a goddess, her resolve is steeled once more. Now all she has to do is return to the village, help defend, go rescue Gabrielle’s team, break into Camelot, and defeat the Lion King… Simple, no?

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