Chapter 10 Insight

The masters are able to exploit a rare window of opportunity to attack the fortress and find no prisoners. The attack, along with Sir Tristan’s, goes almost too well… Of course their luck can’t always pan out. They’ve now got an actual regiment from the Lion King’s army approaching them.

The lone Garrison leader puts up quite a challenge to boot, causing four servants to have to focus him to bring him down swiftly. The entire idea behind different knight enforcer classes was simple: Make a unit for purposes deemed too insignificant to send a more prana-consumptive, elite unit. Until then, they’ve fought hunters, purge knights, and vanquishers. Now there’s the sentinel, and I believe it’s fair to say he resembles those annoyingly tough knights we encountered ourselves in our Camelot run. 

And now there’s over two hundred of them in the ranks of the standard regiment that approaches the village. Gudao is feeling the pressure. Luck has run out indeed, though it seems the Lion King refuses to squander any more precious magical energy on something so ‘insignificant’. Kinda sounding like Gilgamesh, but can you blame them with the clock ticking down to incineration? Priorities.

Yes, I decided to canonize Mashu/Gudao for FoC. It’s arguably one of the more popular ships and makes a lot of sense. How they’re going to handle keeping it a secret when you have the lie detector Kiyohime and the ever observant Tamamo is anyone’s guess… It’ll be handled sometime after when we get back to Chaldea by by Christmas (our time). But can you blame him? They’ve been going through a lot together when Roman drops the news she’s in her final days. I feel after enough time and thought, that would help push him over his hesitations. 

As stated though, and proven, just because I make a relationship official, and extremely rarely at that, does not mean they start being lovey-dovey every other scene. I think it’s fairly obvious by now how I handle romance stuff: Very subtly and blend it with everything else. I don’t want to drown you guys in that sort of stuff when it’s clearly not the main focus.

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