Chapter 14 Insight

Lol. Did you guys seriously think I wouldn’t allow Emiya to fire off probably the most iconic “Fate/ Ultimate” next to Excalibur?

Like he said himself though, it wasn’t too effective against someone who has mastered their weapon… let alone a gifted knight. But that’s why you have great allies right? The play on his Eye of the Mind skill to have contingencies to bring down Sir Mordred was something I really wanted to showcase. It’s just too bad the knight’s rampage gift allowed her to pull things the group could not properly handle. Bedivere with the ironic backstab for the rescue.

I kept a few scenes merged on purpose to help give an air of total chaos to the battlefield. I think I pulled it off best when Rashid was running from the shelter, only for the battle to continually rage around him.

Lot of servants getting shafted left and right. That justicar was no joke either, but the general disorganization after the battle entered the town played its part.

Arash going out as he did in the story. I tried to make it as epic as possible without taking up too many lines. With no Tota to watch, it fell to Lancelot to savor the final moments of the hero he came to know. Better treat that Chaldean Arash to a few drinks when you get back, bud.

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