Chapter 11 Insight

Well the Sherlock scenes were sure condensed. You’ll probably either love that or hate it, but let me make things clear: The entire transcript of Act 14 is 7,000 words roughly… That’s most of a regular chapter, and I still have other things to show. So I cut out what was not necessary to the singularity and made references to it in quick summary. Some was left out completely, yet there are still gaps where it could have been. Again, intentional. 

If you wanted to know about Solomon, Chaldea’s situation, or Atlas, than simply re-read the actual translation on Chaldeum… I didn’t want to go over what does not need to be established for this story’s continuation; That stuff is for Fate/Grand Order’s plot and world building as a whole, which is not as important for Their Guiding Light.

At least Mashu’s having a phenomenal day, besides worrying Gudao might be in serious trouble at any given moment.

Ah, finally. It seems the knights are having their own little revelations and reasons to begin mending those bridges. Mordred seems to unintentionally shown the way to fix her ties with Gawain, where as Lancelot was already willing to put any differences aside in his path to redemption. Now to see how Gawain will act upon it. Only the toughest ones remain untouched: between father and son; and two estranged knights. But at the very least, the parties are showing interest.

Nitocris didn’t aid Chaldea as openly this time… or did she? That sandstorm was a little far out of the Sun King’s territory after all.

And now the situation grew even more dire. One regiment was enough, but now there’s two. Granted the Guerilla regiments are far weaker than the standard ones, they can still cause serious damage especially when they’re in a flanking position with a “Rampage” Gifted Knight. Chaldea has only so many defenders that aren’t still healing. But who are the five reinforcements? Tune in next chapter to find out as usual.

I’ve been building up to it, but all these small and easy victories has drawn the ire of the Lion King. Camelot was a pain in the ass for us, there’s no reason it’s going to be much easier for them even with significantly more servants.

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