Chapter 17 Insight

I can just hear the cries of terror from my screen. All I’m going to say is, the clues are pretty damn obvious.

I gave Arturia and Mordred indirect moments with their argument with the Lion King. It was clear they weren’t going to make any headway, but they knew that already. Still, to see she can think so clearly and believe she is in the right… that’s something I wanted to make sure was solidified. God & goddess indifference is a hell of a thing.

I made the Lion King pretty overpowered on purpose. Let’s be honest. Compared to all the enforcer fights and even Sir Gawain, this battle was kind of anti-climactic in the story. There’s a lack of tension and pressure, and I intended to fix that. But Mordred was still able to deal plenty of damage, so it’s clear she’s not invincible. But now that she’s down, what can they manage? Next Chapter of course.

Poor Cursed Arm. You’ve done your job more than valiantly, so much so King Hassan decides to give you one final wish instead of simply letting you live. That Shaitan is some seriously crazy stuff to take down a gifted knight so easily, so to bring down so many reinforcements with ease seemed reasonable in its quest to consume.

Lancelot and Gawain finally fight side by side, albeit still with initial hesitation. Sometimes the best way to see you’re being too stubborn or abrasive is to fight yourself who is being just that.

But with the pressure and damage increasing significantly, what reinforcements does Gudao have left? It needs to be fairly game changing if they’re to allow Bedivere to land the killing blow while ensuring the defensive line doesn’t falter. All that used up Saint Quartz…

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