Chapter 8 Insight

The tricky thing about a Military Thriller is striking the balance when it came to descriptions. I’m limited in what I can do with writing when it comes to explaining the situation in a timely manner. Too much descriptive info, it turns into a droning encyclopedia of an event. Too little, and there will probably be more confusion than being too specific. This also applied to the military terms, acronyms, and identifications.

Needless to say, there was no easy ground, but I still attempted it with context clues and spelling out a few things initially. I didn’t delve too far into descriptions for more common items, but went into detail with something unique and unseen. I saved some space by throwing in proper identifiers while also painting some literary imagery. It was annoying, but I found I wrote it far faster than I thought I would.

Additionally, I wanted it to be a mix. As much as the Vigil plays a huge role in all this, so does Chaldea and their servants. I split the attention between them evenly, though the remainder of the battle leans more towards Chaldean involvement for… well, obvious reasons. I also threw in a few other necessary perspectives to give the reader more information and necessary angles.

All in all, it turned into a giant orchestra that I hope melded together fairly well. Those who aren’t as keen or lack military experience may get confused by a few things. Those who are in the know might raise an eyebrow at some others. It’s sadly all a part of keeping balance to ensure the story is readable and not as confusing as the actual fog of war. It helps there’s a lot of “magic” frolicking about that I can use to help stage situations for certain reactions.

Otherwise, everything is finally coming is finally coming together, and I’m able to throw a few little servant fights that may prove a bit interesting compared to the others. Like the Vigil base scenes, I can’t go too in depth, but I should have given plenty to make each situations unique in their own way.

Unofficial Soundtrack: There’s options this time. Feel free to choose whichever you think fits better!

Best Played during the military sequences (Scenes III+)

Best Played during the military sequences. This is my personal recommendation between these two.. (Scenes III+) 

This last one is different. It’s my personal pick for the overall battle. For those who played Ace Combat 4, this music was pretty symbolic and memorable because the event has a similar feeling to Chapter 8′s feel (plus tail-end of 7).

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