Chapter 5 Insight

So yea. Massive lore drop, or at least as much as I could manage without risking the dialogue and scenes going terribly off to one side and/or stilted. I had to get plenty of reveals and some tidbits of information out of the way though, so I split it between action and dialogue to a fair amount. More ‘fluffing’ of the new faction is scheduled for the remainder of the story in a naturally unfolding way: We’ve reached the third genre: Military Thriller (specific subset of action).

As I said in the original note at the end, this faction had been planned last year and simply has more room for “viability” thanks to some developments in Grand Order. If you don’t know what I mean by that, I’ll give a simple example: EOR4 started off with the US military cordoning off the area around Salem where the modern singularity displaced it. Instead of them, or working with them, the newly unveiled Vigil will be a fine replacement that would make more sense. Just one of the examples though.

They’re an organization I needed to put into place properly, and so they were slated for the transition supplement without any doubt. They have a role to fulfil for Chaldea that will be unveiled later besides just being allies, but they’re hardly superfluous: They’re a powerhouse and necessary for the wider picture.

The last of the unknown variables was pretty much flat out unveiled too. All that really remains is the circumstances of the plan and his condition, which I’ve left plenty of clues to figure out what the potential final confrontation will likely entail. If you were getting a bit bored with the political wheeling and dealing, you’ve got a welcome break coming up, because not everything can be solved with talks and simple chess movements.

No unofficial soundtrack for this one since it’s mostly talking.

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